Do you do appraisals?
At this time we are only offering verbal appraisals. Due to high demand they are currently available by appointment only. Please call us at (707) 442-2938 to schedule an appointment with our Gemologist. We look forward to offering insurance and written appraisals in the near future.
Do you buy estate jewelry / can I trade in my old jewelry?
Absolutely! We love estate jewelry and are happy to take a look at your items. We do buy, sell, and trade jewelry. Please give us a call at (707) 442-2938 to set up an appointment for our buyer to sit down with you.
Do you have an in-house jeweler? Can you repair jewelry / size my ring?
Yes! We do not have a jeweler on the premises, but we do have 15 bench jewelers available to us that we have been using for years and do amazing work. Bring us your pieces in need of repair and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and give you an estimate for the work needed. Please know that repair and sizing can only be done at our brick and mortar store, we cannot offer sizing for online orders at this time. There is generally a 2-4 week turnaround time for all repairs and sizing.
Can you tell me what kind of stone I have?
Our Gemologist on staff will be happy to identify your stone for you. Please call us at (707) 442-2938 to schedule an appointment
Do you buy gold / silver / coins?
We will buy gold or silver jewelry, we are not interested in purchasing bullion, bars, nuggets or coins at this time.
Do you buy loose diamonds / gemstones?
We will buy loose gemstones if they have already been cut and faceted, we are not interested in rough stones at this time.
Do you repair watches / can you change my watch battery / take links out of my watch band?
We share our building with Dave Bellairs of Time Machines, a watchsmith who would be happy to take care of those kind of repairs for you. His shop is located within our store and open the same hours we are. For more information please call him directly at (707) 407-6622.
Do you offer layaway?
Yes! We know it can be hard when your heart and bank account aren’t getting along. Come in and chat with us to discuss your options, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.